Located in the Kanata Centrum, the Central Bierhaus is one of Kanata’s newest establishments and is located where O’Connors was previously at 650 Kanata Avenue. The restaurant is open every day from 11am until 2am. The interior of the restaurant is incredible and, if you remember what the interior of O’Connors looked like, you’ll be surprised at how very different it looks and feels. The style is European-infused sports bar, which could play host to a family night out or a date night.

I was able to sit down with one of the owners, Patrick, who told me about some of the pieces in the restaurant. The large clock over the bar, for example, has history to it — one that you wouldn’t expect (I’ll let the bartender tell you the story of the clock — just go in and ask!) and every element in the place was hand-picked by the owners. Every last detail. I love when a restaurant cares just as much about the atmosphere as it does the food. At Central Bierhaus, you get the perfect balance of both.


When it came time to order a drink, I asked the waiter what he recommended. I was going to order my usual go-to in the summertime, Sangria, but I also felt like something a bit different. Something fruity. Before I could even flip open the drink menu to provide my waiter with more direction, he said, “I have just the thing for you! Try the Schofferhofer.”

The Schofferhofer grapefruit is a unique combination of sparkling wheat bier and refreshing tangy fruit juice. In short: it’s the kind of beer that I can get behind and it did not disappoint. It’s like a mix between a cooler and a beer. It almost reminded me of a mimosa to be honest (but more beer-like, less champagne-like). The Schofferhofer is just one of a very large selection of beer that is available at the Central Bierhaus. You can see a list of their drinks by country right here on their website.


For dinner, I ordered my daughter the kid’s chicken fingers and french fries and as an appetizer, I ordered one of their made-in-house pretzels. These pretzels are incredible and are a must-try for anyone going to Central Bierhaus. They are served warm with different mustards for dipping and are the perfect start to your meal or a great compliment to drinks if you just go in to wet your whistle.

For my main course I ordered the lobster poutine. The last time that I was at Central Bierhaus, I was fortunate enough to be able to try the oysters (AMAZING and brought in fresh every two days) and the sausage. These are a few of their signature dishes so any of them will not disappoint. Trust me. The lobster poutine was incredible and my daughter loved the chicken fingers (I may have taken a stealthy bite or two and yes, they were really good!)



The best part about Central Bierhaus is that it really is affordable. They have a wide range of dishes and those dishes are available at various price points. It’s a great option for a family night out, especially if you want to go somewhere that feels “grown up” without the pretentiousness or the wallet damage, and it won’t break your bank if you take someone there on a date, either.

For you sports lovers, you’ll also love that they’ve purchased every sports package from North America and Europe. There won’t be a major sporting event that won’t be featured at the Bierhaus and they are planning on creating some themed days and evenings around Internationally recognized sports events. With their incredible big screen and well-placed TVs throughout, there isn’t a bad place to watch a game from inside the Bierhaus.

Give them a try and let me know what you think! I have thoroughly enjoyed each of my visits there and plan on making it a go-to for dining in Kanata. Find out more on their website here.