As I looked toward my upcoming birthday, I knew that I wanted to celebrate it somewhere special. For me, New York City has always been that place — the place I retreat to when I’m in deep celebration of life, love and new beginnings.

One of the places that I always love to visit when I’m in New York is Central Park. It is this (mostly) lush oasis in the middle of a concrete-heavy city that helps to melt away the hustle, bustle and noise of the city streets. The meandering paths take you through many different places — a memorial to John Lennon, the Central Park Zoo and, one of my favourites, Bow Bridge — that all offer their unique experiences.

On our final day in New York, we hit up Central Park to take it all in and lose ourselves in Mother Nature. We weren’t disappointed. Let me take you on a photo tour of what our day looked like and watch the site for more photos from our New York adventure.