The Central Bierhaus, in the Kanata Centrum, is celebrating their grand opening this week and my BFF, Crystal over at Ottawa Valley Moms, and I were able to catch a sneak peek of some of the excitement beforehand during their media preview. I’ve already been to CB numerous times (and blogged about it here) but being able to go in when the restaurant was close to empty to grab some photos was fun. Crystal hadn’t been before so I was also excited to share in her experience and see what she thought of the restaurant and the atmosphere.

We were treated to fantastic food – Crystal had the smoked trout salad and I had a sausage, of course – and beer (I had the Schofferhofer again – quickly becoming my new favorite beer!) and one of the owners brought over two types of desserts – a chocolate mousse and the ice cream sandwich cookies – both of which were out of this world.

This restaurant has quickly become one of my favorite spots in the city. I wanted to share with you a photo tour of the restaurant and check out my other post (linked earlier) to read more about the restaurant itself.

I’ll also be attending the grand opening tomorrow night so will share some photos from that event as well.



The ladies’ washroom was designed with us in mind – it features a full-length dressing room style mirror.


Everything in the restaurant has character and a lot of it is made with recycled material.



Communal style seating, in certain parts of the restaurant, bring an intimacy to the space that you don’t find elsewhere.





This private room can be booked for your next private party or business function. The technology is wired in such a way that you can plug your laptop in to the TV over the fireplace and broadcast your desktop.




The smoked trout salad. Crystal said it was spectacular!


The sausage station, open on weekends, means that the sausages are served up hot + fresh.