Today has been rainy, cold and almost borderline miserable. I made the weather just slightly more tolerable by wearing skinny jeans, tall boots and a sweater (my favourite fall go-to outfit) but I still needed to solve one problem: how to keep Willow occupied for the day.


A bit blurry but you get the idea…

We first met up with R and her beautiful daughter at Patti’s new Tag Along Toys location (1500 Bank Street) as today was the Grand Opening and she had Princess Anna and Queen Elsa in store to meet the kids. While Willow was too shy to go sit on their lap, R’s daughter did and we still left the store with a Queen Elsa doll. Here are the two of them scoping out the wares in-store. I’m fairly certain these two will be fast friends 😉



After leaving the toy store, Willow asked to go to Ikea for lunch (yes, seriously) and while there, the weirdest thing happened. We were sitting eating our lunch (I was having the mango talapia, which is actually quite good there!) and Willow was eating her lunch and this little girl came over and reached for Willow’s food. I had to politely say no thank you and divert her hand elsewhere and thankfully, the mother came over a few seconds later to grab her child. However, as we continue to eat, the woman’s other child (an older boy) came over and ended up doing the exact same thing. I couldn’t believe it! It felt like I was shooing away pesky seagulls at a beach where they feed them non-stop. So weird.



After Ikea, we decided to come home and Willow spent some one-on-one time with Steve as I set up my Twitch channel to broadcast League of Legends from my desktop. Yes, I’m that nerdy. 😉 Afterward, I asked Willow if she wanted to make some cookies and of course the answer was a resounding, “YES!” Here are some of my favourite photos from our cookie making session.





So, even though the weather was terrible, we still managed to have a pretty okay day.

How did you spend this rainy Saturday?