For those of you who furiously clicked on this link hoping to catch a glimpse of the Red Light District, fear not, that’s coming in a future post. For now, the sights of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is pretty much exactly as you expect it to be – water, canals and bikes. Splash those three things onto the foreground of an incredible rich and intricate background and you get Amsterdam. The culture here is rich and the open-mindedness can be felt wherever you go. It’s a city where anything goes (well, almost anything).

Trina and I ended up nearly getting stuck in Brussels due to a transportation strike (more on our drive between Brussels and Amsterdam later) but we escaped in a rental car and found ourselves checking into the Movenpick (amazing hotel, will discuss in a separate post, too!) unscathed.

Our tour around Amsterdam included many of the museums, Anne Frank’s house and The Red Light District. Since our excursions were so rich, I’m going to be breaking those out into separate posts. For this one, the streets of Amsterdam are your inspiration and I highly encourage adding this to your list of must-see places.