(This entry was pulled from a 2003 travel journal that I wrote by hand.)

We are in the air now! Made it up okay. I could see the city so clearly and all of the lights were twinkling so beautifully. The movie they are showing is Bruce Almighty. I never realized how loud planes really are… the wind is SO noisy!

Anyway, I am in the wrong seat, which I find hilarious, and my ears keep popping even though I’m swallowing every four seconds… pop, pop, pop… I got seated next to the nicest lady! She’s eight-two years old and was in Canada visiting her relatives (her 62 year old son at that!) She’s so sweet and she’s from Plymouth in Dublin.

Anyway, wanted to write before I ate (lactose-free meal, which the guy even specified when I was boarding, which I thought was cute)… Well, talk soon I suppose.