(This entry was pulled from a 2003 travel journal that I wrote by hand.)

Well, I made it through my flight, the baggage claims and customs and even found the bus station and boarded my bus to Milton Keynes. WOO! The number one point I need to make is that the English are crazy drivers…

Okay, so back to the flight, I was able to get a bit more sleep (thankfully) and got to see the sunrise. Flying over the English countryside was breathtaking… In England, land is divided up by hedges and it appears that each chunk of land is a different type of growth as each patchwork block is a different colour.

The number two point I need to make is that the British are really beautiful people. The license plates are really cool as well since they are long and skinny… some are white and others are yellow. Oh yes, the bus ride I’m on cost me 19.5 pounds… not too bad! The signs here are weird, too. A yield sign is called a “make way” and the highway signs are all by letters and numbers instead of names… how confusing!

The scenery right now is pretty much what we would see driving through farmlands in Canada. I’ve seen horses as well that were wearing coat blanket things. I’m trying to determine whether they use kilometres or miles here but I believe it’s miles. I’m also going to keep a list for Bean of all the cars I’ve seen with names that I don’t recognize.

Another funny thing is that the signs show you how far away you are from the next destination point have these removable numbers as if the destination could get further away with time… Crazy!

Well, I’m going to rest and to keep writing the “car list.”

Ciao 4 now!