(This entry was pulled from my 2003 travel journal.)

Slept forever I did… Trying to get on London time is harder than I thought! Today, Jacob, Loralea and I are going to Milton Keynes (another English town) to show me around… I don’t think I’m going to venture very far until the weekend. Loralea and Jacob are going to do their groceries tomorrow so I’ll probably make my first trek to London then. I’ll have to figure out what I’d like to see first though… I’ll probably figure that out tonight.

I have my alarm set for 8am, which is 3am Ottawa time… weird! Anyway, I’ll have to start my shower soon as I’m think we’re going to MK quite early. Oh yes, we’re going to a pizza party with bowling and stuff. It should be quite fun! I’ll write all about it later… oh, and one more thing, Jacob is still quite afraid of me! haha

PS – Only 12 days left in my trip… can you believe it?