(This entry was pulled from my 2003 travel journal.)

Whew again! Well, today was a fun little adventure for sure! We went this morning to an auction house in Bedford where they were selling all sorts of furniture, bikes, vases, cars, plants and even eggs. Once we got back, we headed over to a friends house where we had a pizza party / welcome / house warming party. The house was absolutely beautiful! They had this oversized master bedroom with a gorgeously large oversized tub that was sunk into the ground.

Oooo, I almost forgot! Before we went to their house, we went to an indoor ski hill / arcade / sports centre and man, was it cool! The ski hill was kinda small but it was neat seeing people ski down a tiny hill as if it were a big thrill! You could even rent skis, hats, mittens, etc. for the big occasion. Anyway, we also went to a mall there, which looked fairly North American-ized.

Anyway, back to the party. Once we arrived, I was introduced to a ton of other Canadians that were over here doing the same thing that C was doing. They all do two years of school here and then they can be posted back to the school of their choice. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

After we ate lots of pizza and drank wine, we headed to the bowling alley for some 10-pin bowling. Talk about doing American things in London! It was really fun though and I didn’t do too badly… Once bowling was over, we headed to a place for drinks and a bit of dancing. I really liked taking the time to get to know everyone a bit better and now it’s 2am and I better get some sleep.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to the Tower of London and the London Bridge. I also got told to go to Cambridge, Oxford and Bath. Stonehenge is near Bath… cool, huh?

Nighty nite!