(This entry was pulled from my 2003 travel journal.)

There was a GIGANTIC mouse in my bed about one hour ago! How gross is that?! I would have been in bed and writing a long, long time ago except that as I was climbing into bed, I lifted my pillows (as I always do to check for spiders) and I saw a mouse… YES, a mouse was in my bed! Totally icky.

Anyway, thank heavens that Corey was still awake and on his computer in the office next door as I would’ve been totally sleeping on the coach otherwise! It was quite hilarious though… Corey was in my room with the door closed, moving furniture and making so much noise that he woke Loralea up to find me sitting on top of a side table in the hallway laughing. She thought that it, too, was pretty gross!

This morning I woke up and instead of going to London, I went with everyone to an auction here in Bedford. It’s pretty neat as you move around from lot to lot looking for things you want to bid on. The auctioneers move with the objects. It’s crazy though, they sell everything from fish to eggs to plants to bikes to furniture and even… cars! A Porsche 911 (2000) went for 1,500 pounds, which is about $4,000 Canadian. I have no idea what was wrong with it…

The auction was really neat and we didn’t get back from there until about 2:30pm and then we went to the grocery store for some supper stuff. We came back, ate dinner and spent the rest of the night chatting and stuff. It was really fun. Oh yes, it turns out that Loralea heard some footsteps last night around the same time as I thought I heard rocks being pelted at my window. Pretty odd, huh?

Tomorrow I think we’re going to a car boot sale, which is a lot like a yard sale and flea market combined, so that should be fun. I’ll be looking for cool vintage stuff for my apartment. Yeehaw!