Sometimes you just need to hit the mall for a little shopping. For us, it’s Bayshore all the way.

Steve, Willow and I decided to spend the afternoon shopping as the weather was touch and go. Our original plan was Logos Land but I never mind a plan diversion that includes shopping… Ever. We’re making a more conscious effort to do more family-related things even with all of the personal stuff we have going on. At the end of the day, Willow is the most important piece of this puzzle of ours, and luckily we really do have a great time when we’re together!

In the parking lot, inspiration struck so I snapped a few photos of Willow post-shopping. I love how they turned out – the tutu and the purple against the concrete wall. She is such a beauty to take photos of…




Willow and Steve have the cutest relationship. Usually, one or the other is growling and the words you’ll hear out of Willow’s mouth the most are: “Daddy? Do you want to play stuffies with me?” (You can replace “stuffies” with just about anything… sharks, ball, balloon toss, etc.)



When we asked Willow recently what she wanted to be when she grows up, she answered a mannequin with no head. Today we asked her the same question and she’s evolved it… now she wants to be a mannequin WITH a head. We’re moving on up people… So, we spent some time practicing today.



Sephora and Sven, from Disney’s Frozen, in hand and my girl is one happy shopper.


The only thing I purchased at the mall today… An eyeshadow refill from my Naked 2 Palette and a sharpener for jumbo eyeliners. My willpower was amazing people! It looks like I’m shoplifting in this next photo but I’m not. Digging for my wallet instead. 😉




This kid. Too cute.