Today was a big day for us. Willow’s first hair cut. Her hair has never been touched before – well, except for one strand of hair that I clipped so I could save her tiny baby curl – and I had been putting it off for awhile now. But today felt as good a day as any so to the salon we went.

We chose Jask Salon & Spa in the Centrum as I had been going there for quite a few years and I knew that if I was happy with my own styles, I’d be happy with what they would do for Willow’s hair, too. Willow’s appointment was with Biannka who was incredible. In fact, the whole staff there was amazing. From the moment Willow walked in the door, she was greeted with excitement and smiles. The staff poured attention over her and made the entire experience a delight.

Waiting to get her hair done:


Not at all afraid… she did SO well!


Like a little pro:


“It doesn’t hurt mommy!”


Getting silly with the blow dryer on!


My big girl with her shorter hair… *sniff sniff*


Thank you again to Jask for taking such good care of Willow! She had such a fantastic first hair cut and the entire experience was extremely awesome and memorable.