I couldn’t stay away! Visiting Sandbanks once clearly was not enough. A return to the beach was had and this time, with my sweet Willow in tow.

Willow adored Sandbanks. In fact, she didn’t stop talking about it on the way home until she completely passed out from the fresh air and the warm sun. We spent the day on the beach, splashing in the water, making sand castles and burying each other up to our necks. The fun was had until Willow literally had enough of it and promptly passed out on a towel.

I highly recommend making the trip out to Sandbanks this summer — especially if you have little ones who would love the sand and the sun as much as mine did.

After we left Sandbanks, we made a stop at one of the Rideau locks to dip our feet in the water and listen to the sounds of dusk. It was magical.


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